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Josh Cake presents: The internet is making you sad on purpose: why we need art in a digital age.

Time is running out, join us and a number of impactful individuals of our time on September 14th, 2019 at Forum Theatre!

Tickets are now up for sale! Limited tickets are available.



Josh Cake takes us to Paris, where a chance encounter changed his life in the course of a night.

From jazz clubs to underground shelters, we explore a side of the famous city few tourists have ever seen.

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An amazing guitarist, a hilarious comedian, and a gorgeous feminist ... I think we’ve all fallen a little bit in love with Josh Cake.”
— Emily Ruck-Keene, Paris Lit Up
Delicious and hilarious”
— Time Out Melbourne
Josh Cake demonstrates a range as a songwriter that may never have been heard before.
— The Bullock
As a performer, he is virtuosic in his comedic intelligence, his musical dexterity, and his control of an audience. As a man, he is a tirelessly outspoken feminist ally.”
— Claudia Belli, The Weekly Beckett
a stunningly intelligent performer ... extraordinary awareness of his audience
— Red Kangaroo
Josh Cake sets a new standard for cabaret ... Not only does Cake move his audience to laughter and tears repeatedly in the same show, but he even achieves both within the same song ... Cake weaves simple, universally recognisable objects into extraordinarily beautiful metaphors for the human condition.
— The Recruiting Officer
— Spoken Word Paris
— Ellan Lincoln-Hyde
— Degraves Awards
— Humour Nouveau
— Jonathan Duffy
— Amy Bodossian
— Jack McGorlick
— Jacob Sacher
— Ben Volchok
— Ronny Chieng

Comedy. Music. Acting. Modelling. TEACHING. Poetry. PROSE. Scripts. Comics. Food. Death (eventually).

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Josh Cake is a comedian, guitarist, pianist, singer, composer, teacher, poet, playwright, cartoonist, actor, and model, from Melbourne, Australia.

Josh's poetry was first published at the age of 10. Since then, his poems, short stories, and essays have been included in a range of anthologies. He wrote the blog Penguin on Porpoise, a repeat finalist at the International Weblog Awards.

At 24, his Youtube channel has reached hundreds of thousands of people in over 100 countries. Noted for his exceptional awareness and connection with his audience, his stand-up comedy and cabaret has won critical acclaim and packed audiences in both Australia and Europe. He has written and performed several musical theatre productions, and held residencies at the finest piano lounges and cabaret bars in France and Italy. He writes and performs in English, French, and Italian.

Josh has hosted a number of Australian radio and television programmes, as well as appearing in several plays and films. He also writes scripts and composes musical scores for theatre and film.

With qualifications from the University of Melbourne (Australia), the Università per Stranieri di Siena (Italy), and Paris Sorbonne University (France), Josh is a highly trained and dedicated educational professional. He has taught in a huge range of contexts, from schools to universities to private students of all ages, and delivers specialist workshops in music, comedy, poetry, and performance.

Josh's thrilling skills as a guitarist and a pianist, combined with an extraordinarily intelligent instinct for comedy and an immediately endearing charm, make him a formidable and enchanting performer. He channels his many passions, most prominently food, music, and language, through a comedic prism that is both absurd and macabre. He effortlessly reconciles joy and sorrow, empathy and cynicism, as he simultaneously celebrates and mourns all that he encounters in life and death.


After training in music under Australian composer Ken Murray and Viennese virtuoso Jochen Schubert, Josh Cake entered the elite music scene of Europe. He impressed managers, and acquired residencies in the continent's finest piano bars and cabarets, including Un Tubo (Siena), le Relais de la Huchette (Paris), and Aux Trois Mailletz (Paris).

Here, he not only honed his skills as a world-class performer, but also discovered a passion for tailoring live entertainment to a venue: the art of providing diners and drinkers with delights for all their senses, giving them yet another reason to come back for more.

Josh began to introduce live music programs to cafes, bars, and restaurants, beginning with Onze Bar (Paris) - a success that endures to this day.

Josh is currently based in Australia, where he continues to use his expertise, eye and ear for sophistication, and network of expert musicians, to provide music for film and theatre productions, hospitality venues, and all other places that call for a song.

If you would like live music for your venue or production, Josh Cake will have a creative solution for the best possible entertainment to suit your setting.

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